Explore Giggly Park with Boj and friends. Boj is an award winning kids television series worldwide.Do wonderful things such as ride a bike, climb the tree, fly a kite, dig underground for treasures, ride the swing, control a helicopter remotely and more. Interact with various characters from the Boj universe, such as Mimi, Pops, Mr Cloppity, Denzil, Mia Twitch and more. This is a new and innovative gameplay to encourage users to explore their curiosity. Almost everything in the screen can be interacted with. Tap or drag and drop various objects in the screen.Features:- No time limit- No limit to replayability. Literally spend hours exploring this game with your child.- Fun and positive theme to encourage creativity and self exploration- Great graphics courtesy of Boj, a great kids animation brand.- Great audio from the Boj TV series
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